What is Memorabia?
Memorabia is a design service that creates photo-books for different occasions and events to help you create better memories.

Do I need to design the photo-book?
No.Our focus is to provide the maximum convenience to our clients. All you would need to do is to share your photographs with us, the rest will be taken care by the Memorabia’s team.

How many Photographs should be sent to create a photo-book?
At least 40 Photographs. If you are looking to create a 40-page book, at lease there should be 40 Photographs to work with. It would be possible to create a 40-page book out of 150 Photographs as well.

Would Memorabia do the selection of the Photographs for the photo-book?
No.As you are the best person to understand the nature and importance of the Photographs, we rely on your expertise to select the final list of Photographs to be used.

I have a specific layout of photo-book in mind, can it be implemented?
Yes.It is very important for us to understand your expectations. If you have a specific layout in mind, please ensure the following:

1. Number the Photographs as they would need to be placed on the photobook (1.1, 1.2, 1.3 on Page 1)

2. If there is any text that needs to be written on the page or with a specific picture, kindly elaborate the details on a word document based on each number given to the photograph

3. If there is any specific Photographs that would need to be on a full page, kindly let us know the details through the word document.

Is it possible to see the softcopy of the book before it gets printed?
Yes.A low-resolution soft copy would be shared with you for confirmation. A confirmation email would be sent that needs to be confirmed within 24 hours, failure to do so will result in the photo-book being processed for printing. Our focus is to get you the photo-book within the specific deadline.

How many days would it take for the photo-book to be ready?
Approx. 7 – 15 days, depending upon your specification.